Practical solutions to patient boundaries

1 June 2024

9.00am registration

9.15am-5.00pm workshop

Novotel Melbourne Central

399 Little Lonsdale Street


This comprehensive education program has three compulsory stages:

  • pre-workshop activity
  • small group workshop
  • post-workshop activity

All three stages must be sequentially completed to receive a completion certificate

  1. Pre-workshop activity 
    • Approximately 1 hour
    • Helps you prepare for the workshop and identify personal learning needs
    • Assists the facilitator to adapt the session to respond to the group's needs
    • Must be completed 1 week before the workshop
  2. Small group workshop
    • Full day face-to-face session
    • Peer–peer collaborative learning
    • Focused on practical strategies within a framework of high-level ethical considerations
  3. Post-workshop activity
    • Approximately 1 hour
    • Reinforces key messages from the activity and commitments to change
    • Allows comparison of behaviours, attitudes, skills, knowledge and systems before and after the workshop, with feedback and self-assessment
    • Must be done to receive a completion certificate
Optional steps:
  • Evaluation form – 5 minutes
  • Long-term evaluation of commitment to change – 10 minutes
Freecall: 1800 011 255

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